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Proper drainage is essential to protecting your home from water damage. The obvious signs of water in the basement or a flooded front yard mean it’s too late, and you need some serious help. To stop these problems before they become serious, our experts at Viking Title in Mendota Heights are sharing a few tips with you to spot drainage issues at the core and hopefully prevent costly repairs later.

Gushing Gutters

Inspect the outside of your house to see the gutters are functioning properly. A working gutter will direct the flow of almost all water away from your house. Many gutters are not long enough at the drain end, and deposit water at the foundation. Extend the bottoms of your gutters far from your home. Also, check your siding for water damage, clogged gutters can cause overflow onto the side of your house ruining the paint or siding. If your gutters aren’t draining correctly, they may be clogged or installed incorrectly. Worst case scenario, you will pay a few thousand dollars for new gutters, which is much cheaper than siding.

Basement Blunders

Identifying drainage problems from the inside is much more difficult. Typically, you need to see the inside face of the foundation wall. The two things you are looking for are water stains, and cracks. If you notice water stains in isolated areas high around the walls, go to that spot outside and find the source of the problem. It’s likely due to the slope of the land. Landscaping experts can help you resolve these issues relatively fast and easy. Cracks are a bit more serious. Because concrete shrinks a little when it cures, some cracking is inevitable. Be aware of any cracks in your foundation and know how and when to repair them. Foundation issues are typically some of the most expensive home repairs possible.
Knowing what to look for and how to fix it before it becomes serious is very important for all homeowners. Protect your investment by taking care of your house; if you need other real estate assistance or title insurance in Mendota Heights, call our experts at (651) 688-2900 today and we will surely take care of you!