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As you are searching for a new property, you’re likely also in the race to sell an existing home. If that is the case, then you should definitely check out some ideas on boosting curb appeal. As for your current home search, you’re going to want to be aware of the most expensive home repairs and ensure that you see a third party home inspection on any property you’re interested in purchasing to know whether you can expect any of these expensive repairs in the future. Viking Title in Mendota Heights would like to help you today by providing a list of the most expensive home repairs.
Make sure that the property you are interested in has a thorough inspection on its water and sewage system. It is important to realize that any issues you have with pipes or the sewage system from the sidewalk to the home is your responsibility. Only if it’s on the other side of the sidewalk, closest to the street, is it the responsibility of the city. That being said, you could expect expensive excavation of pipes and holes all over your yard if you run into issues. Therefore, it’s best to ensure as much as possible beforehand, that all is in working order.
Likewise, you’ll want to ensure that the roof has been thoroughly inspected on a property you’re interested in. Small roof repairs are not going to break the bank, however small repairs that have gone unchecked for a long time create big repairs. Repairing the roof entirely will cost you thousands of dollars to do.
You’ll also want to be aware that water damage to your foundation is perhaps the most expensive issue a home can have. If you’ve got significant water damage, caused by the home sitting low in the yard and therefore being exposed to sitting water near the foundation, you may need to repair the foundation and/or raise the home. As you can imagine, this is a very costly process. If you’ve found that a home is sitting lower than the rest of the yard, one way to repair it before foundational issues occur, is to fill the yard with compact soil so that the house is no longer at a low point. If there have been years of water related damage already placed on the home, however, it may be too late to take preventative measures.
Once you’ve found a home that fits your budget and won’t break the bank with any expensive repairs, you’ll do well to remember a title search and title insurance on the home. For title insurance in Mendota Heights, remember thatViking Title is here to assist you. Give us a call today, (651) 688-2900.