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Getting buyers turn their heads and look at your property is difficult, that’s no secret. However, certain repairs can completely change the appearance of your home, which will make it more compelling and raise the interest of the market.  If you are wondering how to achieve this, at Viking Title in Mendota Heights, we would like to tell you a few easy ideas to boost the  curb appeal of your house.

Front Door

Drive around your neighborhood and take a look at other properties; do you like any of their features? This will help you get ideas for your own home, also, it will give you a notion of your neighborhood’s style. Your front door is one of the main spots of your property, so give it a coat of fresh paint, don’t forget to add new house numbers and repair your mailbox.


A poorly illuminated home will send an unwelcoming message and will make it difficult to spot during the nighttime. Make sure that your front porch is well-lit and use pathway lights to make your garden noticeable.


It’s important that the exterior of your home is clean during warmer months, so don’t forget to wash your windows and remove any dirt and grime. Also, clean your gutters and downspouts and rake the leaves from your garden.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money or remodel your home; these simple repairs will get the attention your property deserves, and you can carry out most of these ideas. Once you are done, don’t forget about the interior of your house, so be sure to read this previous post on home staging.
Keep in mind that you should protect all the hard work you invested in your property, not to mention the financial aspect. If you are looking for title insurance in Mendota Heights, think about Viking Title, where you will find the attention and advice for a successful closing.
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