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There are many things you should be aware of when you step into the real estate market. It’s very easy to make a small mistake that over the time will be difficult and expensive to fix. For this reason, at Viking Title in Mendota Heights, we will tell you some of the most common home buying mistakes.


Finding out that you are not preapproved after spending time and effort looking and visiting potential properties is a very unpleasant surprise. Don’t waste time and money and get preapproved for a loan by a lender. This will allow the seller see you are creditworthy, therefore your offer will be taken more seriously.

Going Somewhere?

For many, renting can be the perfect option if their career or other personal reasons circumstances force them to move frequently. Remember that buying a property demands time and money that you won’t get back, and in case you have to move and decide to sell your property you may end up losing money.

Home Inspection

From pests to a damaged foundation, there could be many potential threats that the owner may be neglecting or hiding and that can be very expensive to repair. Make sure to hire a professional inspector to go over the property. In case there is damage and, depending on its magnitude, the owner can fix it or you can walk away from the deal.
Don’t forget that the home buying process is long and you should always think two moves ahead, so consider these mistakes that could be very expensive in the short or long term. Also, be sure to read this previous post containing useful information to spot a potential real estate fraud.
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