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Selling your house is not as simple as you think – the real estate market is complex and sometimes selling your property can take months. However, there are a few things you can do to attract the attention of possible buyers.
Improving the curb appeal of your house is your presentation card, now staging your home for sale should the next step. Once buyers visit your property, it is the perfect opportunity to impress them by creating a neutral place where they can picture themselves writing their stories. Thats why, at Viking Title in Mendota Heights, we would like to share a few useful tips, so you can successfully stage your home.


Like we said before, you want to provide buyers with an impersonal space. So make sure to remove your clutter, this will also help you to prepare for the move. Keep in mind that you should plan this activity a few weeks in advance. There may be many things that have a sentimental value, just ask yourself, if you will be needing it in the future – don’t forget to remove religious objects and personal photos.


A thorough clean is very important; clear countertops, remove dust and if you have carpets, consider hiring professional cleaning. Avoid cooking pungent foods during the selling period, clean your refrigerator and take out the garbage everyday.


A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to provide a new environment to your house, just remember that you should stick to neutral tones like beige or white. That way, buyers can choose to repaint, if they want to.


Nobody likes to walk into a dark house, so turn on all the lights while there are buyers. If a certain area lacks of illumination, you can add a lamp to make it brighter.
If you stage your house properly, it’s very possible that more people visit it and motivate them to make an offer, so don’t forget these simple tips.
Selling your home is a long road and it’s relatively simple to make mistakes on the way. Make sure to have by your side an experienced team that follows your transaction closely – that’s only one of the many things you will find at Viking Title. Consider us, next time you are looking for title insurance in Mendota Heights. 
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